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Skydiving Museum

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Skydiving Museum WIKI: Skydiving Encyclopedia

The Skydiving Wiki is an encyclopedia of all things skydiving. You are invited to add comments, suggestions, posts, new pages, pictures, stories, art, etc.

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e-Museum Collection of Artifacts

Click this link to see the collection of skydiving artifacts that will be displayed at the Skydiving Museum.

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An Encyclopedia of All Things Skydiving and Parachuting

Welcome to the Skydiving eMuseum’s WIKI, a central collection point for skydiving’s history.

Here, you can explore man’s use of parachutes for sport, work and adventure, from early crude attempts using parasols to today’s modern airfoil designs. These pages tell an eloquent story for anyone who has ever strapped a parachute on their back, or wondered why anyone would.

We are building a searchable research tool for aviation enthusiasts with an interest in skydiving and the people whose contributions, passion and expertise have inspired us and made our sport safer and more fun. As you explore the treasure trove of articles, anecdotes, pictures and discussions here, we hope you will consider adding your own stories. Our “wiki” software enables registered users of this site to comment, add new articles and participate in building a useful and accurate archive.

All new submissions are screened for appropriateness by one of our team. Webmaster and moderator of skydiving’s encyclopedia is Mary Todd (D-6666); she also links with the “old-timers” video interviews from the Eternal Friends of Skydiving’s YouTube channel. Both are projects of the Museum’s Collections and Curating Committee.

Presently, much of the content here was researched and written by Pat Works (D-1813), an advisor to the Skydiving Museum’s Board of Trustees. It is just the tip of the iceberg of what we hope the databank will become with the participation of others – parachute equipment designers (past and present,) aerial photographers, long-time competitors, event organizers, etc.

WIKI Website Terms of Use

Website content authored by Works adheres to the standards of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 international license governing the sharing of open data. Articles can be freely copied, altered and shared as long as the user credits the original source and also distributes it under Creative Commons license conditions.

Creative CommonsExceptions are content with the Copyright © designation, meaning that the creator retains exclusive rights to their use and distribution but has chosen to share them with visitors to our Skydiving WIKI. These articles and photographs are clearly marked.

You can contribute!

Informed comments are welcome and encouraged. Your knowledge and remembrances of past events, attitudes, teams, organizations, record attempts and jump stories, etc. informs, enlightens and sets the record straight. The building blocks of this WIKI encyclopedia are the comments left by visitors like you. You must register and be logged in to comment. For more information on contributing to our blog, contact one or both of the people listed below.

Webmaster/Programmer/Moderator is Mary Todd, D-6666. Mary is the WIKI-maker and its architect. Contact her at

Creator/Researcher/Principal Writer is Madden ‘Pat’ Works, D-1813. Contact him at

About the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame

The purpose of the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame is to recognize and promote the sport of skydiving through public education and awareness; recognize the contribution to skydiving by its participants, suppliers and supporters; capture forever the history of the sport via its events, equipment, and personalities; and enhance aviation safety.


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